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The Most Complicated Puzzle In An Organization – People

In a company managing people is more complicated than solving complex, 
logical or mathematical problems.

You can guess or predict how they would react but there would always 
be an unknown factor. It becomes so unpredictable because there are 
so many variables that affects behavior. It can either be the movie they watched, 
an article they recently read or their mood can be affected by a family issue.

So how do you ensure that people will react in a certain way? You don't, not
all people are like the Jedi from Star Wars that can bend your will by
using the force. How you wish you can do that. But if you can would really
want to? Anyways, let's save that for another topic.

The best thing you can do is to be flexible and adapt to the situation. Try
not to impose a situation or what you want to your team but try to
communicate with them. Tell them your ideas and get the message across. 
Listen and run possible scenarios with them. Gain an agreement on the best
move that the team can do. It would be hard to make people to do what
you want because they are afraid that you are going to fire them. And even
if they do they would be complaining the entire time until you made them
realize the importance of the task. Or worst is that they would do it but
won't care. I see this happen a lot in organizations that are run by strong
willed leaders. They impose things to their team regardless of what they
feel or the situation. And people really does follow even if they don't
agree with you but they won't give their best to the task or won't care on
the long term impact of their tasks.

Most of the times in this situations project fails or organization
crumbles. At the end it is more costly because time and money are lost.

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