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How To Update Public Holiday – SAP HCM

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SAP HCM Public Holiday

Public holidays describe the statutory holidays for a particular country or region within a country.

Types of Public holidays:

– Fixed date
– Fixed day of week from a specific date
– Specific number of days before or after Easter (Sunday)
– Easter Sunday
– Movable holiday (with individual specification of dates during each specified year).

This tutorial will focus on the configuration of Movable Holiday.

T-Code  :     SCAL

IMG SPRO -> Time Management -> Work Schedules

  1.  On Change Public Holidays: Overview screen click Create button.

Update Public Holiday









2. A pop up window appear to select the Type of Public Holiday.
3. Select Floating Public Holiday

Update Public Holiday 2

4. Enter the Public Holiday into relevant boxes: Year/Month/Day
(e.g. 2012, 12, 30).
5. Enter the Public Holiday Attributes and click Insert Date icon.

Update Public Holiday 3

6. Assign Public Holiday in Holiday Calendar. Select the radio button “Holiday Calendar”
7. On the Change Public Holiday Calendar Overview screen, click the create button .
8. Click on the Assign Holiday button to assign the holiday.

Update Public Holiday 4

9. From the Insert Public Holidays into Holiday Calendar screen, search
for the respective calendar and select the holidays you want to allow.
10. Click on the Assign button.

Update Public Holiday 5

11. Define validity period of the calendar.

Update Public Holiday 6

12. Save Changes and proceed with the transport.

Update Public Holiday 7

Thank you! Hope this tutorial greatly help you.


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